AP1100AE needs exorcism (DEC turned all the way around like Linda Blair)


I was doing a three point polar alignment in NINA, as I do every night, and when it started slewing (usually a small movement to be just off the pole), the DEC axis spun clockwise (as viewed from behind/above facing north) all the way around.  I finally hit stop, but not sure if I stopped it, or if it actually got to the right place by going too far.

Thank goodness for thru-the-mount cables.

Interestingly when I then did a park 3 it unwound.  Find home went to the right place.  

I started all over and it worked fine.

I tracked this down in the NINA logs and it was just a slew, like any other slew. 

I tracked it down in the ASCOM logs and got this: 

035328 2022-01-17 18:19:58.285:            ASCOM: Info      : SET TargetRightAscension = 3.88285751697392
035329 2022-01-17 18:19:58.285:            ASCOM: Info      : SET TargetDeclination = 85.2108975166604
035330 2022-01-17 18:19:58.285:        Telescope: Info      : CommandString TX=':*SLEW,3.88285751697392,85.2108975166604#'
035331 2022-01-17 18:19:59.300:        Telescope: Error     : CommandString: NO Response or bad APCC response: ':APCC,4102,*SLEW,3.88285751697392,85.2108975166604#', Response='*SLEW,3.88285751697392,85.2108975166604' -> Giving up!

There are no comm events shown on the APCC screen.  Nothing I can make sense of in the APCC log. 

Ray, attempting to anticipate, logs zipped and are here: 


That's taken from the mount after 2 restarts of NINA but no restarted of APCC nor did I re-initialize the mount; the 18:19:58 event and subsequent LONG slew is the one of interest.

My first thought was I had confused something with a bad unpark or such, but Park 3 immediately afterwards worked perfectly, as did Find Home, another Park 3, then I started NINA and did (+/- movement due to time) exactly the same thing and it worked fine.

It sort of looks like Ascom and APCC had a disagreement.

Did I do something wrong? 


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