Re: Basic guidelines for narrowband imaging +/- Full Moon


Hi Ted

I don't have any quantifiable details to offer, but anecdotally I've had good results imaging narrowband under full moon. 

 I would probably not imagine as close to the moon as 30 degrees due to reflections in the instrument (truss design). Lately I've been imaging Ha and SII @ 8nm about 160 degrees from the full moon. The data looks good to me.

Here's a recent example of 8nm Ha on NGC 2014 about 10 hours (600sec exposures on a 16803 ccd @ 3500mm) under moonlit conditions (including last night's nearly full moon)

I have never had good results imaging OIII under moonlit conditions


On Mon, Jan 17, 2022 at 11:16 AM Ted Mickle via <> wrote:
I’d like to do some 3nm H-alpha imaging about 30 degrees away from the Moon tonight at 1,000mm focal length.

Does anyone have rough guidance on narrowband imaging when dealing with a Full Moon?  In other words, how bandpass, focal length and angular separation can be quantified for each of the narrowband filters?

Any guidance is appreciated.



Brian Valente

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