Re: Ap1100 squealing at -30C

Harley Davidson

I do the same thing at -30C Sam :) 


On 1/16/2022 11:09 AM, Sam wrote:


I did a 200 point model yesterday with my new AP1100 yesterday while the moon was out.  It dropped to -30C.  It was very effective with an average duration of 35 sec / point and no failed points.
This improved Guiding and pointing accuracy.

However, the temperature was so cold that the mount was squealing - see video.   I had max slew speed set to 900.  I can understand the motors making more noise as they work to overcome higher viscosity.  But there is also a sound which appears to be some form
of resonance - I wonder if the worm mesh is too tight.   I had a similar sound on an IOPTRON mount which I resolved by loosening the gears-worm tightness.

Any advice on whether I need to do anything would be appreciated (I realize that this is very cold and would require different grease etc)


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