Re: ASCOM Driver "freezing"?


Progress? ...

1. I had plugged the cable into the wrong (bottom) serial port on the GTOCP3 instead of the top one. D'ohhhh. Fixed that.

2. Also, in Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) > Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM4) > Properties > Port Settings > Advanced, I noted that "Use FIFO buffers (requires 16550 compatible UART) was checked. I unchecked it and Saved.

Then I powered everything off, rebooted the laptop, re-powered the mount (and everything else), reconnected everything, and started a bit of a USB torture test of running my imaging cam and guide cam at their fastest exposure time and have them looping at their maximum frequency of capture-and-download. So far, haven't seen a single Communication Error (per the AP ASCOM panel), and it's been running like that for about three hours now. 

Maybe these two things fixed it? (I was still getting errors before I did the second.)  Fingers crossed.

Anything else I should collect, capture, or inspect if it the "not responding" freeze happens again?

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