Re: Flexible all-weather USB3 cable?

Woody Schlom



Yup, I found the same specs myself.  Interesting that the shielding is aluminum braid.  That alone might make these cables more flexible.  And also interesting is that the cable jacket is PVC – which usually stiffens up a lot when it gets cold.


At least for me, I NEVER intend to use the cables at -20° C.  My fingers don’t move at those low temperatures any more.


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You made me dig but I found it on their international website, oddly:
Lindy 36663 USB 3.2 Gen 1 A-B 5m:  24 AWG power and 28 AWG signal, 85% braid, 5Gbps bandwidth, 2.2" minimum bend.  Under Technical Details:

Yes, it was shipped from the UK and took a couple of weeks to my memory.  The cable isn't small/tiny.  The connectors seem pretty good and not cheap.  I'm happy with mine so far, but again I haven't pushed it lower than -12C so far.   I use it for my QHY5III290C video/guider camera.  No drop outs or issues noticed at high video speeds when I tried planetary work.
Yeah, not a $10 cable, but it feels better than any of the regular/basic USB 3 A-B's that I had lying around, and the final price was cheaper delivered to me in Canada than the L-Com cables were after UPS surcharges (bleh).  I think you should be happy unless you push colder than its -20C rating.

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