Re: Flexible all-weather USB3 cable?

Woody Schlom



Thanks.  I’d already found them on Amazon and just blindly ordered a couple purely based on your recommendation.  So if I don’t like them – you may hear about it.  Can you live with the pressure of that recommendation? 


My initial reactions to the order are:  VERY expensive, and even though Amazon said they were in stock, they’re apparently coming directly from the UK – and the delivery estimate is first week of Feb. at the earliest.


I couldn’t find any detailed specs on the Cromo cables – such as wire gauge.  Based on the photos, the cable itself looks relatively thin to me (thinner than many of my L-com cables with the larger wire gauges and double-shielding).  So I’m guessing the wire gauge for the Cromo cables is probably 30/28/28.  Not the greatest for CMOS cameras that need all the voltage they can get.  My stiff PVC jacketed L-com cables are 28/26/24, and one of them even has #22 power wires inside.


Oh well.  I guess the proof is in the pudding and I’ll find out how well the Cromo cables work sometime next month.




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Sorry, I should have provided a link to purchase sites for the Lindy:

at -12C both the Lindy Cromo cables and the L-Com cables becames noticably stiffer than when at room temperature, but not rigid.  I was not afraid of them cracking in use or when packing up in the morning.

Christopher M

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