Re: Separate power for mount - why?

Woody Schlom



I too have been told by more than one manufacturer that 13.8v is “safe”, but really more voltage than necessary for many of their devices – particularly cameras -- but also focus motor systems and powered hubs.  The problem for cameras is that they have to reduce the excess voltage – and that means heat.  And heat in cameras means noise.  So sending excess voltage to a camera means the camera’s cooling system has to work harder – and takes longer to stabilize.


So one of the things I’ve kind of learned to do now is test the output voltage of the power supplies (often wall-warts) that come with my new equipment.  And it seems that 12.2v – 12.4v is the favorite and normal voltage range most of the manufacturer supplied power supplies put out.  So I try to set my power supplies to deliver that when I can.  Except for mounts – particularly AP mounts.


After reading several of Roland’s posts here, I now try to feed my Mach1 at least 13.8v.  So the 14.1v that the Powerwerx power supplies are set to from the factory works just great for mounts.  And if for some reason I power everything from that single PS, I run a large capacity Buck/Boost regulator and set it to 12.3v for the rest of my stuff being powered from a RigRunner.




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I have heard from different sources that 14.1 volts maybe too much for most cameras and other imaging accessories. While dew heaters and the mount are OK and probably function better with 14.1 volts, it was recommended that I run the camera and other devices at around 12.8 volts. This could be one reason to have at least two power supplies. I currently use three. One is for the mount (as that is what AP recommends) fixed at 14.1 volts. One for the dew heaters fixed at 14.1 volts, just because I don't want them on the same circuit as the mount. One variable PS for all the imaging gear set at 12.8 volts. I use the Powerwerks PS for the mount and the camera gear. The other PS is the Pyramid PS I originally got from AP when I purchased my Mach1 back in 2016, which I am currently using to run my dew heaters. This is probably overkill, but I didn't see any downside to keeping them seperate. Just my two cents...


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