Re: ASCOM Driver "freezing"?


Thanks guys ...

@midmoastro -- not sure what to look for. I'd think that the driver has to be installed, otherwise it wouldn't connect at all. What specifically am I looking for?

@Ray -- previously had everything star-connected to a Pegasus Ultimate Powerbox v2, then into a USB 3.1 hub (as an extender) and into the laptop from there. Changed that to go direct from the aforementioned hub to the mount (instead of through the Pegasus) but that didn't prove to be reliable either. I'll try bypassing the hub and connect a cable direct from mount to laptop if I can find one long enough. Is there a way to determine with certainty if the virtual COM port is locking up, and if so, what can be done about it?

@Steve -- Power Options already showed that setting on "Disabled". I went through Device Manager and disabled power management on anything in the USB tree, per your first attachment.

Still no success. Woke up to find the driver "not responding". Other than re-cabling per my comment above, any other suggestions? Is there a log file, or anything else I can gather next time it happens, that will help?  BIOS settings?

Here's a screen shot of the ASCOM driver panel. Number of errors looks high (or is that normal)? I think the mount itself is ok, because killing that process and restarting it fixes the problem. Is it possible that the driver is getting something it's not expecting and freezing?

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