Re: APCC / model

Craig Young

Hi Ray,
Excellent, exactly what I needed.  My application does interact with the V2 driver so I will use that method to load the model.

Eric, the reason I need this feature is because my 4 targets are part of my photometry research with the same 4 stars observed throughout the year.  It would not be practical for me to build a new model each night before a run so I make one set of models and then load them each run.  I have some metrics which show me at the end of a run how the model performed and if it drifts too far off due to changes in the mount or optics then I replace the model with a new one.

I am currently using Voyager to manage the night run but have been looking at Nina.  I developed an extensive script in Voyager to do all the things I needed and to date NINA does not provide all the script commands required.  But maybe one day it will, the guys are making great progress over there.  Dale's integration of NINA and APCC is the main draw card.  Just need to get some additional scripting functions.


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