Re: NINA not Parking my 1100


Thanks folks, that was the issue.  The ASCOM driver was set to park at the current position.  That said, why would SGP go to park position one?  I've never messed with the setting in the driver.

The only thing I can think of is that I usually start APCC first and connect it to the mount as well as connect the driver.  It's possible I started and connected NINA first.  Would that have made a difference?  In any event I've configure the driver correctly.  It's supposed to be clear tonight, so I'll give it a test.

I gotta say I've been enjoying playing with NINA.  Its new advanced sequencer appeals to my software engineer brain.  The plugin model is great.  It might get me to pick up C# to try some stuff.  I'm a Java programmer in my day job, so it shouldn't be a big transition.


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