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Dale Ghent

Well, to be precise:

NINA has the ability to drive APPM via APPM's own API and make a *new* model for a given target; but taking an *existing* .pnt file (the model definition file that APPM creates with each run) and loading that into APCC as the active model, isn't in APCC as public API... yet. Obviously, APPM does it but I don't believe the mechanism it uses is meant for public consumption - Ray would need to weigh in on those specifics, though.

One thing that has been on my list for a while is to figure out a scheme that allows one to catalog existing models by what they cover and their age, and automatically select and load in ones that aren't too old and cover the portion of the sky you're interested in. But then I realize that I doing a reasonably-detailed dec-arc model doesn't soak up a whole lot of time and the time-cost of creating a fresh one isn't a deal breaker.

On Jan 10, 2022, at 16:05, Brian Valente <bvalente@...> wrote:

There is an option to do this via NINA, but as a general feature, i am not aware of a way to do this automatically for any software package


On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 1:01 PM Craig Young <craig.young.m8@...> wrote:
Is there a method for APCC to load a DEC Arc model, either automatically, or from a remote command? For example, I have 4 targets, each has its own DEC ARC model which is saved in a folder with the targets name. Currently, when I slew to one of the targets I have to manually go to APCC and load the model. What I would like is either a) when the telescope is slewed to a new location in the sky (farther than n degrees from last target), APCC searches for a DEC ARC model that matches closest to the new location slewed to, or b) have a 3rd party application send a command to APCC (e.g., through a virtual COM port) to load the new model.


Brian Valente

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