Re: Separate power for mount - why?

Joseph Beyer

I’ve been using the same power supply for at least 3 years for the mount, camera and heaters.  I’ve got two supplies but only use one at a time to power the entire rig.  I’ve never noticed any difference in the images when running heaters or when using the mount on one versus powering everything from one supply.  Could be my Nikon D800 and ASI6200 are more resistant to any interference or noise created by the supplies.  

On Jan 10, 2022, at 1:25 PM, Emilio J. Robau, P.E. <ejr@...> wrote:

Adding to Linwood's reply, you are using it on the power supply to the mount, yet that seems to be much less sensitive to noise.  Should you not be using it for the camera supplies.   I did not do well in my EE classes and is probably why I am a civil engineer.  Ironically I did great in hydraulics.

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