Re: Problem with PHD2 when also connected to Mach1 mount using Stellarium's Telescope Control plugin

John Davis

JUST AN UPDATE for any following this thread.


Disappointingly – but not unsuspected… the guys over at the PHD2 group looked at my guiding and debug logs – and blamed the problem, as they almost *always* do – on some cabling problem with the mount/scope. 


Now – I appreciate their help – and I guess I understand their position – but that is such a cop-out.  Frustrates me greatly. 


The session I sent them logs for – I was *very* careful with my cabling.  I was just using a very light weight setup:  200mm Canon lens attached to an ASI1600mm camera/filterwheel and using an ASI 200mm fl guidescope with and asi120mm guide camera.  AND – I had the problem early… then took Stellarium out of the picture – restarted – recalibrated – then successfully guided for 1 hour 30 minutes – WITHOUT changing anything physically on the scope.   So to me – logically that does not hold water.


So – I guess I’m on my own to figure this out.


If I were using a cheap lower end mount, I might be more willing to accept their suggestions… but this is a Mach1 and I generally have *GREAT* performance out of it.


Sorry – just wanted to rant a little.  PHD2 is an AWESOME piece of software – but it is not perfect… all software has bugs.


I’ll post to this further if I find anything more.


I do see that I am behind releases on the ASCOM platform and on the AP drivers – so I guess I will do some updates and see if that fixes anything.  I have 2 laptops that I use – one as a backup, so I will apply all the changes to the backup first – to make sure it doesn’t screw up anything.


Thanks for your responses, I appreciate your information


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