Re: Anyone using 13035FF Field Flattener with TEC140FL?

Greg Vaughn

Thanks, Roland, for your check of optical compatibility of the 13035FF with the TEC160FL.


Since it’s not a good optical fit, It appears that I will, in fact, need to remove the OAG from my imaging train to find sufficient room for a PreciseParts adapter to connect with the 160FL flattener.   As I mentioned previously, I think the extra length for the adapter is required because of the nature of the flanged connection to the TEC flattener, which is similar to the connection used to connect a camera to the 2.7in FF for the AP 105 Traveler (67PF562) - and still shown in ‘discontinued products’ on the AP website ( ).


I suppose the two options with the Mach2 are to master imaging without guiding or move the guide camera to a separate guide scope mounted on the focuser/OTA.   It was a couple years before I moved to the OAG and I’ve gotten quite accustomed to, and fond of, it.   I already use APPM for mapping, however, so hopefully a further jump to imaging without guiding won’t be too difficult.


Happy New Year and Clear Skies!





Greg Vaughn

Alexandria, VA


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