Re: Problem with PHD2 when also connected to Mach1 mount using Stellarium's Telescope Control plugin

On Sun, Jan 9, 2022 at 10:06 AM, midmoastro wrote:
I was running NINA and PHD would launch via NINA. Guiding would start out normal, then just stop. Mine would auto pick back up and start tracking again though. It was very odd and was repeatable.
There are many things in NINA that stop guiding, depending on your options setting.  Most stop it and restart it (e.g. an autofocus run might do that).  If you can reproduce that, it may be worth posting on NINA's discord the log files from NINA (or just look through them to see if it was aware it stopped guiding). 

But isn't the original issue that tracking stops, not that guiding stops?   Or did I misunderstand?   What happens if you look in APCC or Ascom's display, does the mount THINK it is tracking?  Did the rate change?  Does it park or stop entirely, or momentarily? 

But it is important to distinguish between stopping guiding, and stopping tracking, as they are going to have different causes I think.

There's all sorts of data in the ascom driver log, might be a clue there. 

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