Re: Power Supply/USB 3 Hub Recommendations? UPDATE

On Sat, Jan 8, 2022 at 11:01 PM, Woody Schlom wrote:
I just spent some time on Pegasus-Astro’s forum and learned that I’ve almost certainly blown up my PPBA’s adjustable output.  If you accidentally plug power input into this output – you can blow the adjustable circuit. 
I posted this image a few days ago of the PPBAdv Gen 1 and notice the gaffer tape.  It covers port 1 (which is fairly useless, something fixed in Gen 2) and also the variable output.  That variable output is in the same relative position as power input on the other side, and very easy to confuse if you do not pay attention.

So --- been there, done that, it required a trip to Greece to repair.  To their credit they did so very quickly and for a very fair price. 

I'd suggest those not using the variable output just cover it, and those with gen 1 versions cover port 1.  The later will not blow up, but when you plug things into it and nothing works, it will save you a trip back outside to figure out the ports.  It seems so simple to keep straight, but I often find I am working on stuff with the axes in an odd position, reaching around an OTA or cables, etc.   Plus only half the brain cells work in the dark, I'm sure of that even if doctors disagree.

Gaffer tape - just slightly less useful than duct tape.  :) 


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