Re: Problem with PHD2 when also connected to Mach1 mount using Stellarium's Telescope Control plugin

Joel Short

Oh my word John!  I MIGHT have observed something similar, but this is with a different mount (CEM120EC).  When I first slew to near the meridian/celestial equator in order to do a PHD calibration, I get this:

The stars keep trailing like this for over a minute until finally it somewhat stabilizes, but even then the stars will oscillate back and forth over about 5-6 star widths.  This is definitely NOT expected behavior for this mount, and I've observed this a few times this evening.  It is unnerving.  
After reading your post I closed PHD and Stellarium, manually slewed to the same spot and immediately started PHD and started looping images (started within 5s of slewing to the spot).  The stars stayed bang on immediately.  No having to wait a minute for the mount to stop moving and no oscillation.  

I can't say this is the same issue, but I'm certainly going to keep my eye on this and see where it goes.  Thanks for posting this.

On Sat, Jan 8, 2022 at 9:13 PM John Davis <johncdavis200@...> wrote:
   I have been seeing this problem for several months now, and I would like some input as to what the nature of the problem might be.

**NOTE: I have also sent this same post to the PHD2 support group **  
Just thought I'd send it to the AP list too - in case someone here had experienced and solved the problem.

   To summarize, I am seeing problems with PHD2 guiding - most often the RA tracking - when I am running a guiding session in PHD2 and have the mount also communicating with Stellarium via the Telescope Control plug-in.

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