Hard Stops and APCC Meridian Limits with Mach2

Terry Martin

The weather has been incredibly bad and crazy cold for over 2 months now, so I brought my mount inside to get some more practice with the mount and to try get to know APCC.  So, I've got through most setup procedures in APCC, but now I'm stuck a bit in Meridian Limits.

According to the Mach2 manual, "The stops allow the RA axis to start up to 6 hours before the normal counterweight-up position in the east and up to 5 hours past the normal meridian flip point in the west.", but when I try to set up the Meridian Limits in the west I can only go to just under 4 hours before the mount hits the stops; the east can go to just over 6 hours.

Is this normal?


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