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thefamily90 Phillips

And where do you live? 😄


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For the last eclipse we had Baader solar filters available. We had them for the 92 also because I brought one of those scopes to the eclipse in Montana. We will have the same for the next big one.


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Hello Roland

Just wondering if you will have a solar filter available like the ones
you have for the 130GT/X that was available prior to the 2017 Total
Solar? Those are excellent.

With the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in two [2] years it would be
nice to have one for this scope. ALSO, put me on the wait list :)

Thanks Tony

BTW, at my home I will get 2m 50.7s of totality. Won't have to travel
like the prior seven [7] totals I saw.

Roland Christen

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