Mike Hanson

Hi Todd,

Happy New Year!

Using the embedded web pages, Click on the "Advanced WiFi Settings" tab.  Scroll down near the bottom and take a look at the "WiFi MAC Address" and "WiFi Firmware Version" indications.  If there are no valid indications (MAC is 00:00:00:00:00:00 and firmware version is blank), the Wi-Fi module is "totally dead".  If there are valid indications, the Wi-Fi module is "really confused" about something.  Next steps are determined by what you see on this page.

If you recently had to open the lid, make sure the Wi-Fi antenna is properly "snapped" into its UFl connector.  The last setting on the advanced settings tab instructs the unit what to do if it cannot find the network it is supposed to join.  If the selected action is to retry forever, but the antenna is not connected properly, your symptoms would be explained.

Mike Hanson

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