Re: Insurance for AP Mounts

Eric Claeys

When I built my observatory in the mountains of NM surrounded by a nation forest, the insurance company wanted me to separately list the items that cost more than $5000 each.  Everything else was lumped into the total cost of the observatory and gear.  They wanted serial numbers, models, etc., so I built a spreadsheet that contains everything in the observatory, including the broom.  Somewhat anal, but if a fire destroys the whole thing I'll have "proof" of what was in it, and will know what to buy again.  I also took pictures of the major items and then some wider angle pictures showing most other things.

I think I was the first one to insure just an observatory (the other insurance companies would only insure an observatory if there was also a house on the lot, which I don't have).  My insurance company actually sent someone out to see how much of a fire hazard it was (i.e., how close were the trees), and required that I put a fire extinguisher inside next to the door (not that it would stop a forest fire...).

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