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Bill Long

Mine are green on Dec, blue on RA. The OCD in me tried to get the Dec blue and I can, but as soon as I tighten the screw it switches back to green. 🤣 Oddly enough it needs to move outward a tiny amount to turn blue.

Not a big deal since it works perfectly, but I felt like the read head was teasing me. 😭

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If you loosen the LED cover screws and slide the cover around carefully, you can get it to go from yellow to blue. When it's blue, tighten the screws and you are good to go. This does not change the encoder alignment, it simply adjusts the readhead clearance dimension until it falls into the "perfect" position. Any colors from green to blue are considered perfect and will allow the CP4 to read the encoder scribe marks. Even yellow works, but is considered marginal spacing. Red means that the readhead is not picking up the encoder signals.


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I recently bought a used 1600 with AE from the original owner.  It is raining here in California, so I have not been able to use it to image yet, but have been testing it in the garage.  Using APCC-Pro, I hooked it up and played with it.  I don't get any errors, and the AE tab is available and the encoders are enabled.  I noticed that there is a Green LED showing on the RA AE cover, but the DEC AE cover led is orange.  Is this normal, or is something set up incorrectly?

Roland Christen

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