Re: Insurance for AP Mounts

Dale Ghent

Oh, and the usual insurance games such as loss coverage not applying because of specific causes like flooding (either natural or from things like a backed-up sewer/septic) and such will be part of the game.

The case of floods causes by a public sewer backup can get interesting depending on where you live. Sometimes your sewer authority will cover cleanup and deprecated value of what was lost, but if you take that payout, you can’t also file an insurance claim on the list items, and vice versa. It’s literally a shitty situation to be in because you’ve got a basement full of actual crap and you have to make a sort of snap decision on who will give you the better payout so you can begin rebuilding. 

On Dec 29, 2021, at 19:35, Dale Ghent <daleg@...> wrote:

You can declare your astronomy gear on a rider that will usually cover loss and theft. However it won’t protect the gear if you’re sued and “they” come for your assets, which is what “Umbrella insurance” will cover. As always, talk with your agent about which options work best for your situation. 

On Dec 29, 2021, at 18:59, psparkman via <psparkman@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have a non-technical question.  I have an AP1100, and and AP1600 mount.  We know what these mounts are worth.  My home owners policy only covers non-scheduled items up to $5000k, which is much less than these mounts are worth.  What does everyone do for insurance on these higher value items?

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