Re: Power supply question - Powerwerx SPS-30DM

On Wed, Dec 29, 2021 at 06:39 PM, Dale Ghent wrote:
The contact wasn't pushed in all the way and the "hook" of the contact wasn't slid up and over the end of the metal leaf that's part of the connector housing. A firm push in from the rear using a small flat-bade screwdriver would fix that up. You will hear a faint click when the hook slides over the end of the leaf inside the connector there, as the black/neutral has done.
I get the concept, but repeatedly pushing it in, getting the click, were followed by a relatively gentle tug on the cord having it un-click and slide off.  And yes, I also tried pushing it in with a screw driver more firmly.

Not my first time assembling them.  

Newly made one does not budge even with a hard yank.

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