Re: Power supply question - Powerwerx SPS-30DM

Joe Zeglinski wrote:



  •     I wonder if that “power event” was actually a daily scheduled one, for your UPS “Testing Itself”. It would be very brief, possibly just  dipping  its backup battery to make sure it can revive an outage.

My TRIPP-LITE  back-up does that, since I programmed a daily check in its PowerAlert Agent,  test schedule.


The UPS I have is not connected to the telescope systems, I was referring to it solely because it is the one reasonably fast power monitor I have.   And no, it's not even set up to run weekly tests (it probably should be, but isn't).


There's nothing I have that is scheduled at that time.


It could just be a coincidence with Murphy screwing with me.  It was just weird seeing the time last night.


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