Re: 155 Starfire EDF F7 For Sale

Harley Davidson


I actually talked to the owner (Bob) on the day the AP group was notified. He was the second owner of that scope and had a TEC 180 and another one smaller than the 155 he was selling. He hadn't used it for several years and was in storage at his home. It had the 2.7" focuser and no other accessories. He had the case which he said was not included originally but would allow it to go with the scope.

I was going to buy it at $5000.00 and drive out to his home to get it as I am laid off for the winter. He was not going to ship it. Would have been about a 20 hour trip.

After further talks he mentioned that he upped the price to $7500.00 because he was notified by several people that it was worth more. In fact he said he paid $10,000.00 when he bought it.


On 12/28/2021 10:05 AM, M Hambrick wrote:

It looks like someone bought that 155 EDF yesterday. If the buyer happens to be a member of this forum, we would all would be interested to hear what they have to say about it once they take possession of it.


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