Re: Odd APCC-PRO behavior with horizon limits "Time before limit reached" #APCC

Dale Ghent

On Dec 26, 2021, at 16:57, Eric Weiner <weinere@...> wrote:


A fair question. Yes, I do have a keypad. Yes, it is in EXT mode. The mount was without question initialized from APCC. Plus, I did indeed check the time and offset on the keypad. They are correct and match my PC clock. I'm not sure that it matters so long as you're in EXT mode and init from APCC, but the site info on the keypad also matches the site info in APCC.
Ah yes, good. EXT mode on the keypad means that you are likely initializing the mount from your PC, and I presume it's good on its clock.

In case you missed it, kudos for the A-P Tools plugin for N.I.N.A! Works great! I also appreciate the time and effort you put into the documentation on your website. Very helpful, thank you.
You're welcome! I'm really happy to hear when people find it useful. The Tools plugin got a minor update yesterday so be sure to update if you also update to Beta 20 of NINA 2.0.


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