Re: Power supply question - Powerwerx SPS-30DM

Just thought I would do a brief update.

Powerwerx said I can RMA it, but also said they had no ideas on the technical front.  I have lots of time so holding that in reserve. 

Ran one night on one supply, two nights swapped, no events.  Well, maybe... 

Last night at 3:39am I got the "wake up its raining" alert from my rain detector (Hydreon RG-11).  It wasn't.  Checking the security video this morning I didn't see anything other than me staggering out there to look at it (it was nice and dry).  Could be a moth or something (these are optical).  Could perhaps be a power glitch?  That's the first ever false alarm by the way.

Here's the bizarre part - this is within a minute of the time when the power event happened the last time (can't get more precise as the rain event takes a bit of time to propagate through two MQTT servers and alert through Home Assistant). 

It is not similar to the first event a week or so earlier.  But.. .within a minute.

There were no apparent computer issues this time, nothing rebooted, it kept imaging; I checked the images around that time and nothing unusual, security video showed no signs of UFO's.  So this may not even be a power issue.  The moth is a viable possibility (it's IR video and far away so very likely I could not see a moth on the security video). 

But ... eerily similar time of day. 

I've got a lot of energy monitoring stuff, and both internal UPS's and panel monitoring showed no voltage glitch (but they probably will not see anything fast).

Now wondering more if the utility company has some kind of scheduled power maintenance around this time.

Murphy creates coincidences just to screw with our head, I realize.  But it is enough to make me start questioning the idea it is the supply, and instead it is some kind of transient, probably from utility maintenance that happens on a schedule.  Maybe.

But a (home) UPS won't help these, if that is the case, as my home UPS is not seeing anything.  Home UPS's generally run on utility power unless they detect an event, as opposed to a continual dual conversion.  I could get a linear supply with their big filters to ride them out better.  I could lug 100# of batteries out each night (I have them charged and ready that's just not an attractive routine task). 

Or... Murphy was just screwing with me and it is a coincidence.

Sigh... it's the "conservation of problems" principle, I got a mount I do not have to worry about, so the worry moves around.  

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