Re: Power supply question - Powerwerx SPS-30DM

Michael Kelly

While often my dark sky imaging involves camping, so this is definately overkill, but I parallel 2-100Ah LifePo batteries and a 2000w inverter that I leave in the truck. Then run an extension cord to a Powerwerx 30A power supply, so its basically just like being home where everything is happy operating at 14vdc. While this 'up then down' conversion is certainly not the most efficient, I have run 3 rigs, a laptop and kept iPads charged all night with room to run the coffee maker in the morning before recharging with solar and a small Honda generator. 

The batteries are maybe 25lbs/each and the inverter is maybe 10lbs. 



On Monday, December 27, 2021, 12:24:14 PM EST, Eric Weiner <weinere@...> wrote:


Out of curiosity, do you find the 1500x to be a bit overkill at dark sky sites for a night of imaging, or are you exhausting it down quite a bit?  I do well with a pair of AGM 12V batteries in parallel, but I was curious how well the Yeti does considering Lithium batteries don't do well in cold weather.


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