Re: Odd APCC-PRO behavior with horizon limits "Time before limit reached" #APCC

Dale Ghent

Could this be a date/time issue on the mount? Do you have a keypad attached to the mount, and is it in EXT mode or not? Could its time be off?

On Dec 26, 2021, at 14:56, Eric Weiner <weinere@...> wrote:


It's not obvious to me how that could occur without some other artifact. I'm open to suggestions from those with computer science backgrounds. To me it seems like APCC did the calculation wrong at some point, and I just happened to see it before changing tabs. I could be totally wrong of course. Also, I'm fairly certain that I switched back and forth between the Meridian and Horizon tabs when I first noticed the horizon limit error. I wanted to see if the Meridian limit was being reported correctly, which it was. I can't be certain because it was getting late (and I had a few drinks over Christmas day), but I think the "correction" occurred when the limit was reached. I just happened to be looking at the Site tab when that happened. The 23' 59" time remaining in the screenshot was taken when I first noticed the error, so easily a couple tens of minutes before the correction occurred.

For completeness, the horizon countdown timer was operating when it was displaying the incorrect "time before limit reached." It wasn't just a static screen, and we're talking a several hour delta between what was displayed and what the actual limit was. In hindsight I wish I would have let it run out to see if it triggered the "Stop Tracking" command. I don't usually monitor an imaging session, so I have no idea if this has happened before or if it was just a one-off fluke. If the situation recreates itself I'll let the limit timer expire to see what happens.

I was paying attention this time simply because I was exercising a fully automated N.I.N.A. advanced profile for the first time, including a Dec Arc model (Awesome plug-in Dale, thanks!) and Smart Meridian Flip. The APCC GUI was sometimes minimized, and sometimes not. It's set to stay up front when not minimized, so there were plenty of opportunities for the screen to refresh itself. I was hours into the run before I noticed it.

As a sidebar, I highly recommend N.I.N.A. for those who haven't tried the latest incarnation. It has come a long way, very elegant. I was a SGP user for several years before trying N.I.N.A. 2.0 after reading comments on it from other AP owners. The versatility the advanced profile sequencer provides is really quite impressive.

I'll keep an eye on this moving forward.


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