Re: Transporting Counter-Weights and Shaft

So my mount was complaining that it would look bad if others saw its weights in old moving blankets.  I could not take the whining, so I gave in to peer pressure. 

Thank you Mike for your example, I forgot that Rigid cases are pretty inexpensive as well, better than Harbor Freight if a bit less selection, assuming you plan to ditch the pluck foam.  I got two of them for $32 each, same size as yours (your shaft must be longer though), and used the Kaizen foam today to set these up: 

The bar and 18 pound work nicely in one, and is what I need for the refractor, so I only need the one case for some trips. The 30 and 8 are pretty heavy but I think the case is fine with it; they are shifted a bit left for better balance.  Kaizen foam is a pleasant surprise, it does not seem to be crushing.  I removed the plastic lid and put another 1" or so of foam there.

And plenty of room for odds and ends if I need space.  Oh... like the safety stop. 

So now maybe the mount will stop complaining about embarrassment.  And it's Christmas, least I could do for it.  Him.  Her?  Not sure, what gender are AP mounts?   All boats are female, how about mounts? 


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