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Daniel Borcard

Hi Christian!

You wrote:

For sure, there is no blurred image due to tracking. The problem is to keep the crater, rile, or whatever feature is imaged, centered in the 2.5 arcmin field during the 120 - 180 s long video. If the field is not centered all along the video, you only get in the final stacked image the part of the field which is common to all frames of the video. Too bad ...

FireCapture can autoguide a mount while taking ser videos. It does so easily with a planet, whose centroid is easy to locate by the program. I do this always since I saw Jean-Luc Dauvergne's tutorial on the subjet (in French) :-) My mount is an PA 1200 and I use my ZWO ASI224MC for tracking throught the ST4 port while taking the videos through the USB port. A breeze.
For the Moon and sun I just found that FC does it as well, as explained by Torsten Edelmann in his answer here:
You have to set the autoalign mode to "Surface" for the Moon. Then, either you let FC choose an anchor itself, or you provide one manually.
IMHO this is a far more elegant and easy way than trying to track down the slightest tracking shift.

Good luck and stop freezing :-))


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