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Ray Gralak

If you are using both APCC simultaneously on both mounts, you must purchase a second license. Additional licenses are much cheaper. From the A-P web site:

Additional APCC Standard License (APCC-ST-A): $50
Additional APCC PRO License (APCC-PRO-A): $100

You can find more licensing and pricing details on the "Order Info" tab at this link:


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I am the proud new owner of an AP1600 to go with my AP1100. I have APCC Pro on a computer that I have
been using with my AP1100. I will be setting up the 1600 in a permanent observatory in the backyard, and
using the 1100 on a portable pier both at home and at a dark site. I will be setting up another imaging
computer for the 1600 permanent setup, and using the current computer with the 1100. Can I use the same
license of APCC Pro on both computers with two mounts?

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