Re: APCC Not Restarting Cleanly

Jerome A Yesavage

Guys, I checked my shutdown scrip and it was written before 2018... Bob's latest version has the bad code removed but it was in my legacy script.... updating ACP changes the model script but not the one is use...  Fixed and tested twice and it works. 

My safety issues are a PITA.... unfortunately I have to use a ROR as that is the only thing I can put up on my own roof legally where I live.  Anyway, if I use the automatic closure I have the pier lowered (fixed) below what the roof can hit.  This unfortunately limits my lowest Alt to about 45 DEG.  What I have done to get lower Alt safely is fully disable the roof in ACP and then run the pier up manually and open and close the roof Manually... I have to keep my wits about me... but I can get down to 12 DEG above the S horizon.  In this case the Mach1 goes into Park 5 and gets under the roof.  I watch it with video....

Nothing is simple. 

I cannot find a failsafe way to run the Pier-tech roof and pier in concert.... in theory this is possible.... but I have never gotten it to work reliably.  Vito says people do it with additional position sensors and I have see photos, but that makes my palms sweaty.

Cheers and Happy Holidays.

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