Re: Ascom version vs APCC betas

Ray Gralak

Hi Linwood,

It is okay to update the AP V2 driver v5.40.01, but it is not needed for the APCC beta's. This version of the driver and APCC Pro are "unreleased releases". The last step before releasing them will be to update their help files, which I will be doing over the next few days.


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Ray, in another topic you mentioned:

AP V2 driver 5.40.01:


I am running the latest APCC because I am using and testing the newer features with NINA. I have 5.30.10 of
the ASCOM driver. Is the beta needed to match for any reason, or was it for unrelated things (in which case I
may be better just waiting).

Everything appears to be working just fine; just worried by the juxtaposition in the comment.


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