Re: Comet tracking for photography with a non encoder GTO1100


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APCC has a tool called Horizons.  This allows to connect to the MPC website and to generate ephemeris for a comet for a given period and interval (I use one day and interval of 1 minute for each session).  These generated ephemeris can be downloaded to PC. After loading this into APCC/Horizons the mount will slew to and track the comet as it moves relative the stars.  Make sure to read the instructions and to select the parameters needed on the MPC site.  Best is to use the APCC beta, download the generated ephemeris saved to your PC and then use the upload button in Horizons to load them in Horizons.


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Verzonden: woensdag 22 december 2021 10:52
Onderwerp: [ap-gto] Comet tracking for photography with a non encoder GTO1100


Newbie comet photography questions.

Do people create custom tracking rates for comets in APCC, or just track at sidereal rate generally, or use some other software?


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