Re: Transporting Counter-Weights and Shaft

Ted Mickle wrote:

I’ve found a transport solution for my 1100GTO mount, scope and cameras but am looking for a solution for my 3 counterweights [30, 24 and 18 pounds] and shaft [11 pounds]. The whole bunch would weigh >80 pounds.
I’m leaning towards individual carriers in lieu of loading them all into a single carrier.
Is "Transport" your own car, or something more disconnected?

Last time out I just took a moving blanket, and pilled them all in the floor wrapping them in the moving blanket. Down low they were not going to go rolling off a seat or flying around in a quick stop.

I've considered some of the cheap Harbor Freight cases, I think they call them apache. The weights would each fit in their small one that is about $29 or so, if I recall, though the shaft would need a larger one, so I was thinking 1 weight and the shaft, and 2 weights in another. I have 30/18/10, and was wondering if the 30 + 10 in one case would work, and 10 + shaft in another.

The problem is the pluck foam inside is going to be rather pointless. I have some Kaizen foam I was going to try. It is much more rigid, but still not sure it is rigid enough.

But frankly that was all thought process before I just piled them into the moving blanket. I'm wondering if I have any real reason for a case. Of course if this was a train or plane it would be quite different.

Has anyone tried Kaizen with counterweights, is it firm enough to not just mash into nothing?


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