Mach 2 R.A. Observation and Questions

Shawn Quinn



I have observed slight ‘play’ in the R.A. axis of Mach 2 Mount.  


1. When a slight force is applied to the counter weight shaft or telescope with the clutches locked, there is ‘play’ in the R.A. axis. The behavior is observed when the mount is both powered and unpowered.   Please see attached video of the end of the counter weight shaft that shows the amount of movement when a slight force is applied to the telescope.  I also included a still image showing the overall configuration of the test.

I do not recall observing this behavior before.  I’ve had the mount for about 11 months.

The mount is used at home and often transported to dark sky sites locally.


1. Is this considered ‘normal’ behavior?

2.  Will this cause performance problems?

3.  Is there something I can adjust at home to eliminate the movement?

Thoughts from A-P or any other Mach 2 users will be appreciated.  

Thanks for your assistance,


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