Re: General Questions about new AP1600

Bob Enouen

Mike and Emilio - Thanks so much for the advice on the saddle!  You’ve saved me (and George;-) a lot of time.

Thanks, Bob

Robert J. Enouen
Cell 513-504-4410

On Dec 16, 2021, at 9:17 AM, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

Hi Bob

Here is the saddle plate and dovetail plate arrangement that I am using for my side-by-side setup with a 180EDT alongside a Tele-Vue Pronto.

In terms of numbers, the 6 plates shown in the sketch below are a basic requirement.

The base dovetail saddle is a DOVELM162, and I would expect that this is the saddle plate that you will want to use for any side-by-side arrangement. The SBD13SS side-by-side plate sits in the DOVELM162. Depending on the diameter of your scopes, you may need a SBD16SS.

The 180EDT sits on the SBD16 / DOVELM162, and the Pronto sits on the SBD12 / DOVEDV10. For the larger scopes I would suggest using the SBD16 / DOVELM162. The SBD12 / DOVEDV10 should be OK for smaller scopes.


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