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Bob Enouen

Hi Emilio,

That sounds like where I’m trying to go.  I’m trying to figure out the saddle plates i would need.  Would you please share the saddle plate specs for your setup or a pic?

Thanks, Bob

Robert J. Enouen
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On Dec 15, 2021, at 12:04 AM, Emilio J. Robau, P.E. <ejr@...> wrote:

Hello Bob,

I run three scopes on an AP 1600.  A 12" Truss GSO RC as the main scope and two slaves.   One of the slave scopes is a Tak E130D.  Soon one of them will be a stowaway.  Not sure which is going to get kicked off of the array.  The other is an Explore Scientific 127 FCD 100 holding a place for an AP 130 when my name is called.  I use PHD2 for guiding and I would say most people use that software.   I use ADM pointer for the slave scopes as rings tend to mar the finish on the tubes.   You need to align the scopes.   I use an OAG on the longest focal length scope the RC which is running at 2000mm.   The other two slaves are just ticking away subs.   Dithering, slewing, plate solving and guiding are done on the master scope.   Each scope is controlled by NINA software.   I use the recently published coordinated dithering plug in NINA to coordinate the dithering.   I run three instances of NINA.   Everything is running correctly for the past few weeks.   I am swamped with data.

I also use APCC and have a crude model built but the AP equipment is so good that the tracking is excellent even without a great model.

APCC is a super product and Ray is always lurking around and ready to help.

Congradulations on your 1600.

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