Mount up time? Or similar?

I'm trying to debug a mystery crash that may have been power .  I have separate power to the mount and to the computer.  I know the computer restarted, I would like to know if the mount power cycled also.  Is there something in the logs that would tell me?


- Mount powered up
- Computer powered up, APCC connected, imaged for a couple hours. 
- Computer rebooted, appears to be power as everything connected to it restarted (a raspberry Pi for example)

>> time passed, I noticed, computer was back up running nothing

- Start APCC, NINA, etc. and get imaging again.

The mount was parked when I started APCC this second time, but it would be parked whether or not it re-initialized from power.  Is there anything I can look at in this second APCC log that would tell me whether the mount lost power, something like an uptime, or initialization state? 

It's not that I have a problem with the mount or the software (all that worked perfectly), it is that knowing this would tell me if both power supplies went down (AC problem) or just one (something else limited to the other PS and DC side).  



PS. Two nice new-ish Powerwerx 30A power supplies as recommended by AP. 

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