Re: APCC Not Restarting Cleanly

Ray Gralak

Hi Bob,

I know this is old, sorry it's been on my queue too long:
Camera.LinkEnabled = false;
Util.CameraConnected = false; // Disconnect it from ACP
Console.PrintLine("OK, imager shutdown complete.");

Is releasing MaxIm's connection to the telescope.
The problem is that Jerry says he has to kill APCC because it is not exiting. Jerry indicated he has APCC set up to automatically shut itself down when all connections are closed. APCC can take a short amount of time to close down but there should never be a need to kill it. So, either an application has not disconnected from the AP ASCOM driver, or the script is not giving APCC enough time to close down. APCC has a configurable auto-shutdown timer that can be reduced to as low as 1-second.

I need to review with Jerry though, on how he is getting his "dangerous low hjanging rolloff" closed safely. I
believe you changed (rightly) Park() from sync to async, right? His script may be trying to disconnect the
telescope while it is still parking. I'll let you know.
Yes, Async Park() is an option in the driver's setup.


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