Re: APCC Not Restarting Cleanly

Bob Denny

I know this is old, sorry it's  been on my queue too long:

They can be two separate connections to the telescope - one from ACP and the other from MaximDL. In your script, I see that ACP is disconnecting from the telescope, but I do not see a call disconnecting MaximDL from the telescope.
MaxIm, when used with ACP never connects the Telescope (or anything else!) in its own Observatory Control. ACP is in charge of slewing the scope etc. However, if the guider uses Pulse Guiding, then MaxIm will use a connection from the guider logic ("ASCOM Direct") only for the purpose of providing guiding corrections. In this case, connecting and disconnecting the Camera (MaxIm's CCDCamera object) results in connecting and disconnecting from the telescope. In Jerry's case

        Camera.LinkEnabled = false;
        Util.CameraConnected = false;            // Disconnect it from ACP
        Console.PrintLine("OK, imager shutdown complete.");

Is releasing MaxIm's connection to the telescope.

I need to review with Jerry though, on how he is getting his "dangerous low hjanging rolloff" closed safely. I believe you changed (rightly) Park() from sync to async, right? His script may be trying to disconnect the telescope while it is still parking. I'll let you know.

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