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Bob Enouen

The issue is resolved thanks to your help!  More details below:

- I physically moved it to Park 3, unparked from last position, and tried to use NINA to successfully plate solve but it would not sync because the mount was not tracking.

- Mount would not respond to the NSEW buttons or start tracking no matter what I tried.  An error code thrown was Fault Triggered: East Limit. I checked the 3D view and could see that the mount was displaying almost upside down despite my attempts to ReCal via the GoTo tab. 

- I was finally able to resolve by going to the APPC - Meridian Tracking limits Explorer and after selecting the ‘West’ button clicked Go To Meridian. The mount then moved far enough away from the limit that I was able to start tracking, but I had to use the Stop Slew button before it really turned upside down.  I was then able to plate solve and sync in NINA. I’ve not yet established Meridian Limits and simply tell the mount to flip at the Meridian. 

- I checked the logs and can see that the time was not an issue and it unparked from Last Position the night it failed so I’m not sure how I got stuck here, but am happy Ito have discovered another solution if it happens again.

Thanks again!

Robert J. Enouen
Cell 513-504-4410

On Dec 9, 2021, at 10:08 AM, Dale Ghent <daleg@...> wrote:

Ah yes, I forgot about "Prevent Errant RECALs" (I have that turned off in my setups because of all the testing I do with NINA, so the last time that has gotten in the way of things has faded from my memory.)

On Dec 9, 2021, at 09:53, Ray Gralak <iogroups@...> wrote:

Hi Bob,

What Dale suggests will work unless the pointing error is more than 5 degrees and "Prevent Errant Recals" is enabled in APCC's Advanced settings. If you disable "Prevent Errant RECALs", make sure to re-enable it after syncing!

BTW, if you manually move the mount to the Park 3 position and unpark from Park 3, the mount should be pointing within 5 degrees. Thus, when you do a RECAL to regain precise pointing you will not need to disable "Prevent errant RECALs".


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Ahh!  Thanks so much Dale!  I’ll do that at the next clear sky night - which will be Sunday night here in
Springboro, OH.


Robert J. Enouen
Cell 513-504-4410

On Dec 9, 2021, at 8:12 AM, Dale Ghent <daleg@...> wrote:

Use the N/S/E/W buttons, either in APCC or in NINA, to drive the mount and point the telescope at a clear
patch of sky, then a manual plate solve+sync inside NINA from the Imaging -> Plate Solve window. The mount
will then know how it's oriented. There's no need to undo clutches and manually sling the OTA around to a
park position.

The main question is /how/ your mount got to disoriented. One of the ways this can happen is if you have
the mount parked in a particular position and then command it to unpark, but from a different position instead
of Last parked or from the actual park position it was parked at.

On Dec 9, 2021, at 08:05, Bob Enouen <renouen@...> wrote:

Hi Ray,

My observatory-based AP1600 CP4 lost its location last night after a few days of no activity due to
clouds.  It’s been tracking great using a 300+ point APPM model on 180 second unguided exposures with a
RC 16” that has a 3250mm focal length.  I’m forwarding the APPC Pro logs and the NINA logs for the last two
days for reference.

My question: I assume that if I physically release the RA/Dec gear boxes and move the mount to Park 3
and then Recal using Alt/Az in APPC Pro to that position this will get me close enough to then Recal using
PlateSolving.  I do not have a hand control.  Is this correct?

Thanks, Bob

Robert J. Enouen
Cell 513-504-4410

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