Re: Mach2 Platesolve fails in TSX

Ray Gralak


First, there's nothing special required for plate-solving with the Mach2. So, you can eliminate any concern you may have that's there may be some special setting for the Mach2.

However, you will need to provide more details because there are too many possibilities for what could be wrong.

Here are some things you can provide:

1. Describe how you are doing the plate solve. (e.g. manually, APPM, NINA, SGPro, etc.)
1a. If you are using APPM, which camera type are you using?
2. What error message are you getting? Can you provide a screenshot?
3. What is the exact build of SkyX?
4. Which camera are you using?
5. Which telescope are you using?
6. What is the Image scale?
7. Have you performed all of the setup information in APPM's plate solve section for SkyX?

And are there any other details you may think could be important?


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Reporting, stil no luck with TSX plate solves .

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