Re: Side-by-Side Balancing Procedure

M Hambrick

Thanks George

Yes, I followed those instructions through step 6 using the wood dowel before I attached anything to the mount. They got me pretty close, except that as Chris noted above, when I attached everything to the mount, the balance point determined in steps 3 and 5 resulted in the declination balance point being too far forward (about 7/8" in my case). Once I corrected this by sliding the scopes to the rear, the balance was much closer. Then I used the procedure described in my previous post to fine tune the balance. 

The picture below may help to clarify. This shows the Pronto guide scope position after fine tuning the balance, but the main scope was essentially the same. It was just easier to get a good photograph on this side.

In the picture you can see the declination top plate, the DOVELM162 primary dovetail saddle, the SBD13SS side-by-side plate, the DOVEDV10 dovetail saddle for the Pronto guide scope, the SBD12 dovetail plate for the Pronto, and finally the Pronto. The blue pieces of tape mark the balance points. The bottom two pieces show the location of the front-to-back balance point for the SBD13SS with both of the scope dovetail saddles attached (step 3). The top piece of tape shows the balance point for the Pronto and SBD12 (step 1 or 2).

Initially all three pieces of tape were lined up according to step 4 in the procedure, but when attached to the mount, the assembly was too heavy in front. I was able to achieve balance by moving both scopes and dovetail plates back by about 7/8" You can see that this new position is pretty close to the centerline of the declination top plate.


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