Re: AP1600 Lost

Dale Ghent

What I is happening is that you have a saved site in APCC and NINA has its own lat/long (and now elevation) settings under Options > General > Astrometry. The prompt you see is because the two differ by a large enough amoun, and this triggers NINA to ask which one you want to use as the source of truth.

If you select "NINA to Telescope", NINA will tell the ASCOM driver to use its coordinates. If you select "Telescope to NINA", NINA will overwrite the profile settings with what the ASCOM driver is claiming to be the lat/long (and, now, elevation.) If you choose "NINA to Telescope", I believe what will happen in the APCC case is that the ASCOM driver will accept the coordinates that NINA sends, but only for the lifetime of the driver as it'll always launch and initialize with the site setting you have designated in APCC's initialization settings.

What you want to do in this case is first ensure that your site settings in APCC are indeed what you want them to be (you're in an observatory, it's not moving anywhere!) and, when NINA prompts you, select "Telescope to NINA". This will sync APCC's lat/long into your NINA profile and, since they're now the same, you'll avoid being asked the next time you start NINA with that profile.

On Dec 9, 2021, at 09:04, michael mccann via <mmccawsprojects@...> wrote:

Fast question, sort of related, when NINA first connects to APCC it always ask whether to sync mount-to.-NINA or NINA-to-mount. Which is preferred for one setup in observatory ?
On Dec 9, 2021, at 06:12, Dale Ghent <daleg@...> wrote:

Use the N/S/E/W buttons, either in APCC or in NINA, to drive the mount and point the telescope at a clear patch of sky, then a manual plate solve+sync inside NINA from the Imaging -> Plate Solve window. The mount will then know how it's oriented. There's no need to undo clutches and manually sling the OTA around to a park position.

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