AP1600 Lost

Bob Enouen

Hi Ray,

My observatory-based AP1600 CP4 lost its location last night after a few days of no activity due to clouds.  It’s been tracking great using a 300+ point APPM model on 180 second unguided exposures with a RC 16” that has a 3250mm focal length.  I’m forwarding the APPC Pro logs and the NINA logs for the last two days for reference.

My question: I assume that if I physically release the RA/Dec gear boxes and move the mount to Park 3 and then Recal using Alt/Az in APPC Pro to that position this will get me close enough to then Recal using PlateSolving.  I do not have a hand control.  Is this correct?

Thanks, Bob

Robert J. Enouen
Cell 513-504-4410

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