Re: Mach2 Error Messages

Terri Zittritsch

"I have recently been getting error messages from the Mach2 while under automated unguided imaging regarding an "encoder error" or as in the case of the attached, "motor stall".  While I am not too concerned about getting the errors as none of them seems to affect the quality of my images,"

Larry, are your clutch knobs tight?    I found that I could not make them tight enough by hand when I have a bigger optical tube on the mount and need to use an allen wrench to lock them down just a smidge.    E.G. if the controller tells the mount to move and it doesn't move as much as the controller says, as measured by encoders, then you'll get this kind of warning.    I got these the first night I used the mach2, and since then always tighten the clutches just a little bit more than I can by finder and never see the issue again.

Just a though, may or may not be your issue.


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