Re: [ap-ug] Bad observing conditions!

Roland Christen

Well that's right neighborly of you Blush but you've got it even worse up there.

On the other hand, I've been concentrating on 92 Stowaway lenses these past 2 weeks. Hope to get quite a few out for Christmas. Victory hand


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Wisconsin is proud to have you close by!



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Howdy fellow Astronuts,

The satellite image below shows the weather pattern here at my humble observatory in N. Illinois as it has existed now for several weeks. ;^((.

Seems like an endless stream of clouds coming off the Pacific, making landfall in Seattle, then heading overnight to my Prairie observatory next to our AP factory building (red X). Rats! looks like it will continue this way for the next couple of weeks. I can see where I should be located, somewhere in the mountains just east of San Diego. And to think i gave up a possible job there back in the '70s for a job in Northern Illinois. Anyone living there and further east in Arizona, New Mexico - I am super jealous. (plus it's really cold here).

Rats and pattouie!!


Roland Christen

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